The kit that allows you to accurately predict a foal’s birth within 24 hrs.

Because FoalWatch™ is based on proven chemistry, you can rest easier at night. The calcium level of a mare’s colostrum is known to rise sharply before birth.

The FoalWatch™ test kit measures the concentration of calcium in the mare’s colostrum and is thus able to accurately predict birth within 24 hours.

Simply begin once daily sampling and testing from 10-14 days before the mare’s expected foaling date onwards, i.e. 335-350 days from her last breading date.

When the calcium concentration consistently exceeds 200 parts per million (ppm), birth is close. 50% of mares will foal within 24 hours after their colostrum calcium level first reaches 200 ppm. Birth usually is imminent when the mare’s calcium concentration reaches 300-500 ppm. Birth within 24 hours is very rare when calcium levels are below 200 ppm.

Veterinarian recommended, non-invasive and based on proven chemistry.

Veterinarians at leading equine medical centres have evaluated CHEMetrics FoalWatch™ as a foaling aid and call it “Convenient, reliable and safe for the mare, foal, producer and veterinarian alike”.

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See how easy the test is: FoalWatch Instructional Video

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