RapidBac™-Vet: What Dr Kim Kendall says….

RapidBac™-Vet: What Dr Kim Kendall says….

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“I have recently been introduced to the RapidBacVet kits.  I have been struggling to identify urinary tract infections in cats for some time, particularly in samples that may arrive via the tabletop and cannot, therefore, be sent for culture.  

…This little kit can demonstrate whether a significant bacteriuria exists in 20 minutes.  

…You can then struggle for a cystocentesis sample for C&S or treat empirically, knowing that there really is something there to worry about. Easy to do, useful information and contributing to rational antibiotic use, AND economical PLUS room temperature storage.  Ticks all the boxes.”

– Dr Kim Kendall, The Chatswood Cat Palace, NSW – Jan 2017