Month: January 2017

Has my pet got a UTI?

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Urinary tract infections in dogs and cats are common. Typical symptoms are increased frequency of urination, urgency, bloody urination and inappropriate urination in your pet.

Don’t pussy foot around, if you think your pet may have a UTI, contact your Vet and ask for RapidBac™-Vet, so the correct method of treatment can be administered immediately!

Prognosis for a cure is excellent as long as predisposing factors are addressed.

How to predict a foal’s birth

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Never miss a foal’s birth. Add Vhorco’s FoalWatch™ test kit to your arsenal, which predicts a foal’s birth within 24 hours. Whenever that waiting game starts, all breeders want to know: When will my mare foal? The vast majority of foalings take place between 6pm and 6am, so it’s important to know when you might want to start brewing coffee for overnight foal watches and not lose sleep unnecessarily!

Xmas is over but…

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The summer holidays are not! Pets love happy holidays just like us all so if you think your pet may have a urinary tract infection, address it immediately – ask your Vet to use RapidBac-Vet for an immediate and accurate diagnosis so the correct treatment can be administered.